Get leads direct to your email

Get leads direct to your email

It’s hard work getting potential clients to find you. Adverts and Adwords are expensive. Traipsing around Businesses is time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be better if people approached you?

Now they can.

We have a network of Bespoke Training websites, where people can find courses for Business and Personal reasons. We have a number of mini sites that focus on getting found on Search engines. From there, prospects can complete an enquiry form and this will pop in your email box for you to assess and quote.

  • Warm enquiries straight to your email. Less of the cold calling and foot work needed.
  • One lead will cover a couple of month’s subscription – or more – depending on how many courses & what type they want.
  • They are your Client, not ours. Cross-sell, upsell and make sure you drop them a line when the Certificates are up for renewal. One lead can result in a lifetime of earnings

These are the Website Domain names that we have meshed together to provide a Network of Bespoke training, with more to come. All the mini sites link to each other to keep the visitor on board.

Bespoke First Aid Main Site

Health and Safety main site

Hospitality First Aid MiniSite

Animal First Aid MiniSite

School First Aid MiniSite

Health First Aid MiniSite

Church First Aid MiniSite

As you can see we have a large number of sites all interlinking to feed off each other and keeping visitors on board.

Remember that just one lead could pay your annual fee! You can subscribe on a month by month basis if you are not sure, or save money with an Annual Subscription.

To sign up, click the link, below: