Advertise your Services on this and our linked websites

Advertise your Services on this and our linked websites

We have a network of Bespoke Training websites, where people can find courses for Business and Personal reasons. If you wish to be contacted you can advertise on one, more or all of these pages.

Our pages

These are the Website names that link to each of our mini-sites, with more to come. All the mini sites link to each other to keep the visitor on board. If you have a specialist area, we’d love to hear from you.

Bespoke First Aid MiniSite

Hospitality First Aid MiniSite

Animal First Aid MiniSite

School First Aid MiniSite

Health First Aid MiniSite

Church First Aid MiniSite

As you can see we have a large number of sites all interlinking to feed off each other and keeping visitors on board.

To get listed here the cost is:

  • £50 per year for one MiniSite
  • £200 per year for all 6 MiniSites – plus any ones that we add in the future
  • £50 extra per year to be a Featured Listing, placed at the top of the listings

For this you get your details entered and listed and unlimited edits (subject to reasonable usage). Just one single place Booking will pay for the whole year’s Subscription, never mind a Group Booking!

If you want to know more, complete our Request Form here.